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Pool & Spa Cleaning & Safety

In Ground Pool being Cleaned by Cleveland Area Maintenance Technician

Pool & Spa Cleaning & Maintenance Services in the Cleveland Area

Pro Pool & Spa provides weekly service, quality water testing, vacuuming, cleaning, review of the operating mechanical system.

Keep your Pool Safe this Summer

Keep your family and guests safe this summer with a pool maintenance, testing and cleaning program from Pro Pool & Spa. CDC representitives have recently warned that outbreaks of parasites, such as Cryptosporidium, have doubled in the last few years. The parasites can be difficult to kill, causing 32 outbreaks in swimming pools and water parks last year. This is up from 16 outbreaks just 3 years ago. Cryptosporidium is the most common cause of dangerous outbreaks accociated with swimming facilities and it has the ability to persist for 10 days even in chlorinated water. Pro Pool & Spa handles the maintenance for many public pools in the Cleveland area and we have the expertise to keep your pool clean, clear and safe this summer.

Pro Pool & Spa Clean Water Guarantee – the only guarantee of its type in Cleveland

Pro Pool and Spa guarantees water clarity with their premium maintenance service – a twice a week cleaning for pools or spas. If the water should cloud in between cleanings, not related to a mechanical failure, we come out at no service cost to the customer daily until water clarity is restored. (This does not include additional chemical costs.)